About Us


After 17 years with Hudson Motors, John Kehrig opens Kehrig Mfg. Co., operating out of a barn in Utica, Michigan.


Kehrig Mfg. builds a 5000 square foot building on Van Dyke in Utica, MI and later expands to 24,000 square feet.


 Kehrig Limitada operates in Columbia, South America.


John Kehrig works with John Hacker to build steel hulled Kehrig-Hackerform boats. 


Kehrig Mfg. Co. develops and patents their folding metal workhorse, the "Metal Mule", still available today.

1977 - 1984

1977 - Don Kehrig's sons, DJ & Steve, join the Kehrig Mfg. crew, working under their father's supervision.

1984 - Kehrig Mfg expands their Hall Rd. facility to 14,000 square feet under one roof.

1995 - 2018

1995 - DJ & Steve become co-owners;  DJ is named President of the company and Steve the Vice President.

2018 - Third generation Kehrigs, DJ & Steve, celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the company!